Should you buy Weber Spirit 200/300 gas grills and its review?

The Weber 7573 premium spread for Weber Spirit 200/300 gas flame broils is intended to fit the Spirit arrangement of barbecues. It can likewise fit the Genesis Silver gas flame broils. Made of substantial material vinyl, this is an in vogue looking spread with a conspicuous Weber logo. The spread comes in single shading – dark – and is perfect for shielding your barbecue from essential harm, be it wind, downpour or day off.  First of all: purchasing an enormous flame broil spread is very urgent thinking about that most barbecues must be kept outside in the open where they are presented to harm from heat, cold, wind and downpour. An enormous flame broil from a top producer would cost at any rate $300+ – an expensive speculation, and one that should be secured. A gas flame broil spread satisfies this job flawlessly as it is intended to fit over the barbecue and shield it from all harm.

The Weber 7573 premium spread for Weber Spirit 200/300 gas flame broils estimates 25.5 x 53 x 50. It has vents that give access to the barbecue. A couple of Velcro lashes at the base ensure that the spread remains set up even in breezy conditions. Its enormous size implies that it can cover the flame broil totally, from top to the base. Cannon’s more, since it is intended for a specific barbecue model, it fits cozily and you never need to stress over the spread falling off

The spread, made of tough vinyl, is a lot thicker and more grounded than modest conventional $10 covers. It tends to be said unhesitatingly that this spread will keep going you quite a while – as long as your flame broil itself. It weighs around 4 pounds. You can keep your barbecue outside consistently under this spread and it would not endure any harm. Furthermore, following up on buyer grievances, Weber has evacuated the air vent close to the handle that prompted water overcoming in more seasoned models.  On the drawback, there have been grumblings of water leaking in through the spread, particularly in blustery conditions. While the spread works splendidly at keeping residue and soil out, it comes up short against day off downpour. Also, it costs around $35 – substantially more costly than a conventional spread.


  • Thick, hard core material.
  • Fits Weber Spirit 200/300 gas flame broils impeccably.
  • Velcro lashes to keep the spread set up.